Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Life Being Lived

Boy has it been awhile. Today I spent the day helping a friend learn to knit. It was a challenge, because I wanted to do the work for her. She is new the Ravelry, Evansmom. I use to babysit her and her brother. She now has a 4 year old son and lives in Santa Rosa. We met in Fairfield and ended up in Vacaville. I thought her the 4 basic needs of knitting: casting on, knitting, purling and binding off. She left to go home with a "little eye washcloth." Also, she went and purchased straight knitting needles which I suggested at the first purchase. Sometimes one just needs to learn from experience. On my way home, I stopped at Spin a Yarn in Vacaville. It is a cute little shop. I did not buy anything. I would have purchased some sock yarn, but the color was not what I wanted.
I have been knitting , sewing clothes, and quilting Christmas gifts. Hopefully I will finish by the first week of Dec. (HA!) Hal and I also went to Reno on the train. It was a delightful experience going up. We were told to sit on the lower level. Going back we assumed that was where we were to sit. Then, we found out that we might have to move. I guess we needed to pay extra to sit downstairs. We were able to sit downstairs and found that to be just a comfortable returning home. The only complaint was the bathrooms were not as clean as they were going. While in Reno, I spent time knitting, sleeping and of course playing games. No I did not win. And no, I did not venture out in a taxi or bus. I did shop though and added to my nativity scenes.