Monday, December 12, 2011

Continuing the Visit

I don't know if it is me or I've been here too long, but the temperature in this house if getting to feel okay. Jon and Ruth started remolding their home in July and tore up their floors to put in radiant heating. They also took out their one and only heater in the house to do this. Jon has not had time to complete the radiant heating and now they are using portable heaters. Of course this is expensive and yesterday Ruth was on the computer looking at her PGE bill and discovered how expensive. She went around turning off the portables. I'm sitting here typing this with a nice robe on, warm laptop on my lap, socks on my feet and slippers, hot tea by my side and freezing hands. When I arrived here they had placed a heater in my room in which I sleep. When Hal came down I didn't need the extra heating, so I took the heater out and really haven't need the heater again. I am using an air bed with a feather bed on top to keep the air under me from coming up and freezing my backside. I also am using my winter quilt I made using denim and flannel, another quilt I brought from home, a quilt Ruth gave me and a throw from Ruth's, that's 4 quilts! I am so warm and snugly I have a hard time getting up out of bed.
I am enjoying myself here. I am looking forward though to get home and get warm. I will miss the Ruth and her little family. Jenna is getting so big. She is definitely growing into a teenager. She and Jon are bumping heads yet she loves him. I can tell by the way she response to him. She wants to care for the baby, yet takes care to fellow Jon's directions on how to handle her. This is just one example. She is also making her own grilled cheese sandwiches and macaroni and cheese. Wow, I am so impressed! Don't grow up so fast Jenna.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Short Visit

It was to be a 2 day visit and return home until the baby came. That was Nov 15th. Today is Dec 11 and I still am here. No the baby did not come early, but when the time to leave approached, I just couldn't. I called Harold, asked him to drive down and bring me somethings to wear. He stayed for a whole week and we were included Thanksgiving at Jon's sister. Still no baby. I went with Ruth for 2 visits to her doctors and each time she assured Ruth it would be "soon". That "soon" word became a four letter word.
Ruth was due Thanksgiving Day, she delivered Dec 3, 2011. This was her first child at 31 years old. At 32 years of age, I had Ruth and 2 before her. I guess that was why I stayed. I was worried about her. I didn't need to worry. She went into labor about 5:30 AM and delivered her by 1:23PM. Brooke Zada Buel, a beautiful daughter as born. She is now one week old and I plan on leaving next Saturday. I told her that I'd give her e weeks after the baby came. I will leave on the 14th day. No, I am not looking forward to not seeing Brooke daily, but I don't see my other grandchildren daily. I am looking forward to my own bed and comforts of home.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


I just looked at my blog and realized it has been 11 months since my last post. I don't know if anyone even reads this, but it is fun to add to the blog occasionally just for my history. Not much has happened this year. Well, I guess I should start with why I even looked at my blog page. My son Brian just sold me a notepad. It is an HP. I'm excited, don't know about Hal. Anyway, I needed a gmail address and so I tried to remember my address. I didn't think pickin2gogranny was a good email address, so I changed it to something more normal. Well, I will continue this later.
Sunday, Oct. 23
Spent the day resting from yesterday. It started Friday with Brian's sons. We had a sleepover then off to a soccer game. Home after lunch and a new toy (the notepad) and then Eric called to see if his children could come visit. Of course they could come for a while. Jace is the newest grandson. He was born in Aug of 2010. He just started walking. He has had some serious moments, but not from walking. He was born with jaundice and this caused trouble with us and his mom and dad. They felt we abandon them in their time of need. May be we did, but I just couldn't stand for the way they wanted us to care for the girls. We are the parents, not the children, This stand we took changed how I react to Joanna and Eric. The other serious moment came when a dresser fell on his head. He was about 5 months at this time. Joanna called me to come meet her at the hospital. Thank God there was no major damage. I think it was more of a scare for Joanna then anything. Apparently, Jazz opened a drawer causing the dresser to fall, Jace was between the drawer and piece of furniture. Oh, I didn't mention that this was at 1AM in the morning. Well, Jace walks and talks now. He even runs around chasing and teasing his sisters. Julia started school this Sept., so the kids now go to bed earlier. Jazlyn is finally talking and smiling and I can see her advancing.