Sunday, August 24, 2008


It has come to my attention that I am in the middle of something I should not be. I guess I have learned a difficult lesson about stepping out and taking chances on the internet. Some hurtful things were said about a good friend that I positivity responded to since I did not know who the person was that wrote the blog. Since learning this I feel just awful. Yes I know the person I commented on is similar in nature to the blogger describtion, but the person she did comment on, is in no way on earth like this. Venting is okay, but trickier is not. Please rememeber that it is difficult to love someone whom one would rather hate.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


I was given the opportunity to help with my grandchildren and I took the invitation. My daughter-in-law, Heather, needed some help while the sister had a baby. It was for only two days but they were filled with excitement, never a dull moment. In the morning, her oldest 3 1/2 yr. old Andrew, would come to the room where I was sleeping and tell me that the sun was up and it was time to get up. Then he would politely ask me if I would play with him? I usually get up, dress, have my tea and then think about my day before I do anything as serious as play, but play I did. If I heard the baby, 4 month old William, I would go retrieve him from where he was awake so Heather could get a few more winks in. As the day went by, I would become William's drool cloth. He is a drooler and no teeth in sight. It was such a good experience. As it turn out Heather's sister had her little girl Cesarean, her mother-in-law was able to stay longer and we went home Friday.

Monday, August 11, 2008


We finally made our trip north to see my sister and her husband. Our plan was to leave here Aug. 1 and get there on the 2nd. We stopped at Bend, Or., and one quilt shop there, BJ's and another in Moro, Or. The one in Moro was to be a pit stop, but it turned out that I purchased some fabric there too. While riding, I was making a sweater. It started out, I thought, to fit me, but alas my measurments weren't quite accurate and it became my sister's early Christmas present. A few weeks earlier, I was knitting at my quilt guild a follow knitter/quilter suggested that I use a new color when she learned that I did not have enough yarn. That's when I found the wine color of Rowan's silk/cotton. I would like to make another sweather, this time one that fits me, but not now. While up in Valley, Wa., I reknitted the sleeves and blocked the sweater. I was also fortunate enough to find some buttons at the WalMart. My sister says that it is exactly prefect. ( This is me smiling.)
On our way home we stopped again in Bend. My plan was to see the two knitting stores there, but they did not open until 11am and 12 noon, so we stopped at two quilting stores. We took off after 11am and headed south. Just about 30 minutes south, Gilchrist, I saw a sign off the freeway, "yarn shop." I was driving, so we stopped and found a small shop with many of the yarns one can find at Joann's or Beverly's. I owner was very nice and what she had to sell was nice, but I did not buy anything. I even left without a kitten. Her stray mommy cat had 5 little kittens there in the store and were 1 week shy of going home with anyone. Before we even arrived at Bend though, our trip became an adventure. A few hours laters we left Washington, passed Moro, and we drove right into a thunderstorm. Thank God I was not driving. The hail was the size of quarters or bigger, flashes of lightning and thunder seen and heard nearly at the same time; and then there was the rain. Hal decided to follow the car in front of us through a wash. The water was up to his bumper as it was for us. The storm lasted longer than we wanted it, about 20 min. We continued to drive, but some cars pulled over while others drove on. There were even motorcyclists stopped and huddled together. I know if we waited the storm would have lasted longer than the 20 min. We did have some window damage, but not major. The trip from Bend home was unevenfull. We made it home just as the sunset.