Sunday, November 14, 2010


Soon my husband and I will be leaving on a cruise he chose for us in April. He searched this cruise out over many months on the computer. It started last year when a friend mentioned that they wanted to go to the Panama Channel Cruise. While a cruise was in the air, Panama was not my first choice. The friends are dear friends. The very first cruise we took was with friends to Alaska. It was my coincidences that we found each other wanting to take a cruise to Alaska and we both had wanted to take a ferry and export on our own. It turned out the cruise was cheaper and talk with Betty, she said she was going to call a get tickets. It was a good time. They went up by train and we drove up. We met on the boat and took a couple of adventures together. We ate together and watched the shows together. After the cruise we sat off by ourselves in the car and they returned home via the train.
This cruise/vacation is not at all like that one. We actually plan to fly together to Florida, 6 of us. Yes, another couple, my friends, Lynn and Jim's, friends, Al and Susie. We will stay at the same hotel, rent a car for Friday and then set sail together on Saturday. On the course of the trip, we will be together many times, including sight seeing tours. I am anxious about the closeness of the group. Will we get along? Will we wear on each other? Will I miss not sharing quiet moments with Hal and discovering new things together? I suppose when one ventures out they take with them a certain sense of doom, but there is the excitement of conquering those fears and making new conquests. I am looking forward to what lies ahead. Hope when I return, I will be able to share all the great new wonderful experiences my friends and I shared along with a few tender moments with Hal.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Time Spent

Look, it's September and I must of been busy this August or I would have posted. I have. I've knitted 2 shawllets which I haven't taken time to block. The first one was completed in July and the next, in August. I also made a little blanket for my new grandson, Jace while awaiting his birth. It didn't take too long. I did not batt the blanket. Pat Pleis gave me some stencils to draw stars on the blanket for quilting. It made it look precious. The name of the blanket was a Star Is Born. I started a sweater for Brian using his yarn he brought back from New Zealand in the late 1980's. He was on his mission trip with YWAM. I am currently making Christmas gifts. Again, I must give credit to Pat Pleis. She gave me some fabric and now I'm able to make those for little or not cost. Thanks Pat. I've made a shrug to wear on my cruise. Oh yes, Hal and I are going on a cruise this year. We plan on going through the Panama Canal. We will be gone for 18 days! We are so looking forward to this. Of course I want to work to get some spending money for this trip, now I need the district to cooperate with me. I've worked a day and a half, looking forward to more days.
Then there was the birth of my third grandson, Jace. What a delight! He is so small. I was holding him yesterday and watching his sister, Jaz. She is only 2 yrs. old and looks so big compared to this little one, yet she is still a baby too.
Hal and I sat for Eric and Joanna while they were in the hospital. It was a stressful time for the girls as well as us. Jace had to return to the hospital before the week was out because of jaundice. They both went to the hospital to care for him, and left the girls with us. More stress. Talking about it on a public sight would not be a good idea for anyone. Let's just say, we all learned stress is something we all don't take well.
On Friday night I went shopping with Joanna at Nordstrom. We stopped at the shoe sale racks and of course we didn't resist. Joanna tried on the cutest tennis shoes. They were pink with sparkles (like Dorothy's shoes in the Wizard of Oz only pink). Then she found a pair that were trimmed in pink and had spots on them like cow spots. I liked them so much I tried on a pair. I asked her if she would mind if I purchased a pair and she said, "No, it meant that she had good taste." I tell this story because when I use to go shopping with my mom, we would always end up buying the same clothes. I never took it so well.
Saturday I spent the day with Hal shopping. I meant SPENT. He went to Men's Warehouse and purchase a sports coat and pants for our trip. Let's just say he works hard for his money and doesn't ever buy himself nice clothes. These items made him feel like we are going on this trip.
Andrew started school 2 weeks ago. He was absent the second day because he got food poisoning. Go figure. His dad, Brian thinks it was the cookies, because both he and Andrew ate them and got sick, Brian more than Andrew. The boys spent a night here. It was so nice. They actually spent the whole night in bed. Before they went to bed I bribed them with an ice cream the next day. Well, as soon as William got out of bed, he asked about that ice cream. Finally at 11:30 we took them to B&R for a cone. They ate lunch too, but later. Mom and Dad went to the city to see a play and spend a little quiet time together.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Busy Bee

July 22, 2010 The quilts pictured here are evidence that I have been a busy bee. After July 4 and the granddaughter's visit, I completed the several baby gifts I wanted to give to a friend of mind's new granddaughter and my new grandson. Both have not been born yet, but will be born soon. I posted the pictures on and my knitting project on I also made another quilt. The second quilt pictured was made for my grandson.

The first one on the left was made for my friend's granddaughter. I made a tackle quilt using several different fabrics and Minkie on the back. It was my first success with Minkie. I based sprayed the backing to the batting and the batting to the back of the top. Then I penned it out and quilted from one corner to the next. After that I stitched in the ditch.
My sister Dorothy and her husband John came for a visit. They are here to visit their California children and grandchildren They live in Georgia. They were able to stay a whole day, so I suggested that we go to the winiers here in ElDorado County. We ended up off HWY 49 near Plymouth. The wines were delicious as was the company. It's nice to have family nearby that one can see their roots.

Yesterday, began my first experience in choosing speakers for my quilt guild. I signed someone. I must call and tell her that unless she can get someone to help pay the cost of travel. She will be coming from San Diego. I do hope we can get her to come.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Soap Box

This is a picture of my step-granddaughter, Jenna. She was able to stay with us for three days this week. She is nine years old. She is now to live with her father, my son-in-law because of several reasons, but the main one is that her mother moved out of-state and left her daughter here. She was hoping that the judge would give her the legal guardianship, but it didn't happen. Today I was informed a nephew of mine also was given guardianship of his daughter because the daughter's mother was moving out-of-state. I know in both cases there are other circumstances involved, but I say hurray for the child. There must be stability in these young peoples lives and if it has to be the father rather than the mother so-be-it.
Jenna used my rotary cutter and sewing machine to make this pillow. It was her choice. I was so happy she wanted to sew. I think she may sew again. She may make my daughter bring out the machine I gave her.
Have a Happy 4Th of July.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Here We Go Again

Last month when by without a hitch. Hal and I celebrated our 43rd anniversary. All we did was go out to dinner. Mother's Day was spent quietly. At least this year I didn't fall and hurt myself. My grandson's came over for an overnight stay that Friday. William went to sleep in the big bed and Andrew stayed with him all night. When William awoke, he wanted his Mom. It was 5:30AM. I did get up along with both boys and we watched TV. All in all, we had a good time and I can see that they are maturing.
The following weekend Ruth, Jonathan, their boys (Chopper and Duddley), and Jenna came for a visit. Brian brought over the boys and William became attached to Duddley. He wanted to take it home. The granddaughters were also here and Jazlyn was able to "put up" with the dogs.
School ended for Hal on the 3rd. We were off on the 4th to visit my sister Kathy in Washington. The trip was uneventful. It rained on the way up and while we were there, but otherwise it the weather was decent.
Duane is always trying to take me to craft places while we are there, but Kathy and I went off by ourselves on Monday. I wanted to find a couple of knitting stores in Spokane. We were successful, but one was closed the other was more like a warehouse. I did purchase some yarn for them and plan on making some fingerless gloves for Kathy. On Tuesday, Duane drove into Deer Park and thought he was letting us off at a fabric store, but it turned out to be a yarn store. What a special delight. It is called "IN stitches...a needlecraft shop." It has quality yarn and places to sit and knit, crochet, or other needlework. The owner was very helpful. If you are ever near North Spokane, drive out just a little way, about 20 miles, stop in Deer Park. The email address is
While I was at Kathy's I managed to complete a baby dress and a companion bag. Both were fun to make and I enjoyed completing them at home.
Joanna called me at Kathy's notifying me of a tragedy, yet relief. Eva, her sister, had lied to me and all others, including her family and children, that she did not have cancer. It has been difficult to come to terms with the lie. I am thankful that she is not going to die, but this lady is ill. She has a difficult time telling the truth. It wouldn't be so bad if it just affected her and a few others. This is
affecting Joanna, which affects her husband, my son, and her children because Joanna doesn't digest this kind of stuff well. It becomes personal. She internalizes it and this affects her attitude. It is very dramatic.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Saying Yes

What has been happening around here. I was able to work two half days last week. It was a big deal since I have been unable to get an assignment without conflicts. I took a dyeing class from Marylee Drake. She invited me to participate and I said, "Yes." We dyed scarves. I want to do more, but will wait until I return from vacation in June. I gave away a green and purple scarf to Amy for her birthday. Oh Hal and I spent last weekend with Lynn and Jim. They celebrated both Jim and Amy's birthdays. I enjoyed myself as did Hal. Jim mentioned that Lynn had promised to make him a quilt out of his tees, so I said I take them home and do it for him, but before I knew it, Lynn wanted to do it. So, I helped her cut and iron on the stabilizer. Well, he had enough tee shirts for 3 quilts. I hope she enjoys doing them.
I also went to the Breast Center for my annual mammogram. They found some new growths and I had ultrasounds taken. They said that they were not to worry about so I felt they would be alright. Last night I felt pain again, I don't know if it is the growths or the shingles. I'll wait until after vacation to go see the doctor, may be she'll send me to the surgeon and have them aspirated.
Then there are these other things I said yes to. I agreed to help Marylee for two Thursdays while she is away on vacation at the senior citizen quilt get together in Loomis. I am looking forward to that. The other. "Yes," was to an invite be the Placer County Education for a meeting to see how the year went. That will be this coming Tuesday for lunch somewhere up in Auburn. Don't know what I got myself into with that yes. Oh well, it will give me something to do.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


This last weekend, I went to Wichita. I was to leave early Thursday, but guess who left their ID at home? You guessed it, ME. I ended up on a red eye to Wichita via Houston. There I met up with Joanna who left at the right time, but she too had the wrong ID with her to continue on her trip. I brought her the correct ID and away we flew. We arrived early Friday morning and picked up our car and drove to the hotel. Eva had arranged that we stay in a Stay Inn Suites. We both had our own rooms with a kitchen. Joanna was given this huge room with 540 sq. ft. I just had a regular room. I think it was because Eva didn't like enclosed spaces and was to stay with Joanna at night. It worked out great, because she did stay a while with Joanna and then that's where we Eva's family met up with us. Friday, Eva's mom brought us lunch then off we went to see where Eva is to be buried. We then went to take pictures. It was fun to see Joanna and Eva interact. We also so some sites. The river district is beautiful and the city has these beautiful statues all over the place. After, that we went to dinner at the Cracker Barrel. I enjoyed the chicken livers.
Saturday, Joanna and I went looking for yarn and fabric stores. We found a wonderful knit store called Twist in Wichita. It felt very similar to Frog Pond. I wanted to sit and knit, but time was not with us. We did find a fabric store after getting lost. When we finally found it we were tired. I bought yarn, but no fabric. I was tempted to buy paper yarn to make a bag, but didn't. I also wanted a book, but chose not to go there. I can usually find these on sale here. After the fabric store off we went to Eva's house. She was asleep in bed. We walked into her house and Joanna walked out. She smokes in her house and Joanna got sick from the smell. I stayed while Eva woke up. We left there and went to see where Eva use to live. I was way out in the boonies. She had a nice home. I know it must have been hard for her to give up. (They had to move because of finances.) We went back to the hotel where I met Eva's family. Randy came in to pizza and the fixings. It was a nice treat. The kids were typical kids. Her youngest, Kristen, is just 5 and going to pre-school. Next, Christian, is in 2nd grade and Gavin is in 6th grade. The kids were kids. Finally, Eva needed a smoke and off they all went to the car and the family left. Eva and Joanna went with a friend of Eva's to have a tattoo put on her foot. Eva is really into tattoos. She has so many, I wonder if it is healthy? Anyway, she and Joanna had an evening together with Shirley. I stayed in the room until Joanna joined me before going up to her room. It was nice to have a little quiet time.
Sunday was spent looking at homes in the area. They have some beautiful homes that ranged from $199,000 to $350,000 and up. There was a house there that had a statue of a bronze bear standing on its back legs looking at another bronze statue of a fairy. We got lost again. I was driving thinking I knew where I could find this restaurant and well we finally back tracked to find it. Then back to the hotel and visit more with Eva and her family. They left and we left for the airport. We arrived back in Sacramento just a little before midnight. The trip was fun but exhausting. I asked Joanna if I made a difference being there and she said that if I hadn't, she would not have left seeing her sister in a kind mood. Worth it, yes.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Just A Visit

Here it is April already and there is so much to write about. My grandson's birthday is the 14th and he will be celebrating it Sunday. I completed his PJ's for the monkey and am still working on the bathrobe. I haven't been on a deadline like this since college. (Thinking more about that statement, I had deadlines for work too, but this seems far more important.) I will post the completed Mr. William Foster with outfits when finished.
Just before Christmas I started 2 sweaters, one a grayish blue, the other a red. I fell in love with the red and decided that it was the one I wanted to complete first.
I was able to complete this just before March 25. I wanted to get some wear out of it before summer comes in with a bang. I like the fit so much that I will more than likely frog that other sweater and use the yarn to make another one of these or use a new lighter yarn so that I can wear it during the spring and fall months too.
Lately I have been reading books by Lisa See: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan and Shanghai Girls. Both books deal with sisterhood. One with two girls that are from the same family the other with two girls from two different families. This two stories have a brought about me to think upon my own relationships, first to my natal family sisters and then to the friendship sisters I have. I have been blessed with both. Family ties mean a lot to me. I try to keep in touch with my sisters via phone, email, snail mail, and visiting. It is difficult to visit them since both live out-of-state. Since visiting with them is difficult, I rely on my friendship sisters. I have some great friends, ones I can meet up with weekly through a knit group, ones I can meet up with occasionally because they live a few hours away.
Did you ever find yourself in a situation that you know you may regret? Usually I don't because I don't think before I act, I just do it and take the conscience. My daughter-in-law's sister is dying of cancer in another state. Because my daughter-in-law is pregnant with her 4th child, I do not want her traveling by herself. I am going with her to visit this sister. I don't know what to expect, accept that I am there for her. Hopefully the visit will go well and we will return on speaking terms. Keep us in your prayers.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Just a little monkey, Mr. William Foster from Knit Picks. I made this for the project in Ravelympics 2010. It will be given to William on his 2nd birthday in April. I still need to complete the jammies and robe.
I have been busy with knitting, quilting and taking care of myself. It seems along with the shingles my system was down and I caught a cold that just wouldn't go away. Then I was gifted from someone with the stomach flu. It seems it has been one illness on top of another.
Knit night is special for me. It is the time to communicate with fellow knitters and friends. It can be happy moments for all. I tend to tease a little to much. It is good to have friends that can keep one on their toes and aware they are going to far. I never want to hurt anyone or cause pain.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I completed those mystery socks I mentioned in my last post. I was able to do so because I am still not feeling my best. During the non rain period yesterday, I tried to do some window shopping, but soon became tired. I decided to it wasn't worth it, went home, had lunch and then took an hour and a half nap. After the nap I was able to complete the socks, finishing up a little after 9 PM. I am pleased with them. The colorwork area (leg) is a little snug, but the foot feels prefect. I am delighted with the outcome.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Knitting: Presently I am salvaging a pair of socks started last November by attempting the mystery sock through the Thrifty Knitters Sock Club. The socks started out cute with a twisted top. Then it added a striped edge. The next step was to add a snowflake, but I didn't think I could do that so I put them aside until I completed my Christmas knitting. I got my Charlene Schurch sock book out, Sensational Knitted Socks, and Socks a la Carte, by Jonelle Raffino, Katherine Cade and the SWTC Staff and decided to complete the sock. I hope to complete these socks soon.
Friendships: Friends are a special breed. It means one takes the time to stay connected with that person and care about them. Friends can be made many years ago, or within the year. I am fortunate to have a friend from childhood. She and I have lived many miles apart for years, but are able to maintain our friendship. We go away together on vacations. While our children were younger, we would go camping, now we go quilt shop hopping. Then I have friends i made over thirty years ago. With these friends, visiting, having a meal together or shopping is the main way we stay in touch and care for one another. My newest friends are a group of quilters and knitters. The quilters live near me, but I see these friends only a short time a month. (I would call these more of an acquaintance rather than a friend.) The knitters are seen every week. We talk and share stories and knit together. We are developing those rich friendships. If a friend asked me for help, I'm there. I try to help out when I can.
Illness: Sneezing and coughing, rubbing eyes, blowing ones nose, tiredness, lack of energy, and /or headaches. It seems as I get older, I am finding myself ill more often. I wash my hands, make sure I don't eat food a child made and I try to stay away from people that are ill.
I wrote about these three items because currently these are things on my mind. I am not feeling well, I have friends who are under stress right now and I am concerned out them. Lastly, my knitting is getting done because I am not feeling well. All things are working out. I know my friends are in good hands. My cold seems to be getting better and I am so close to completing one sock.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


With the Hatian earthquake, I started remembering all the shakers I've been in. In 1957 there was a rather large quake in S.F. I was in the 4th grade and in school at the time. The teacher was a substitute and the cold must have been on her mind, because the first thing out of her mouth was atomic bomb. We all began to leave the room, but then she said that it was an earthquake and under the desks we went. Lights swaying and tables shaking. There were many aftershocks, most seemed to happen at night. My dad was involved with scouting and he went off assuring us that there would be few if any aftershocks. After he left, there was a strong one and we got to sleep altogether in the living room that night. There were more aftershocks, one while we were sleeping in bed downstairs. The window above our heads rattled and with the 3 of us in one bed, we took our pillows and put them over our heads. Who at that age would think one might suffocate? There have been many more earthquakes in my life and I suppose there would be more. Life continues.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Time on Hands

The third time this week. I must have too much time on my hands. I decided to complete a pair of socks I started for a challenge. We were to use two different colors and follow the directions given by the moderator. When I found out the pattern, I decided I did not want just a seasonal sock, so I wait until now. I took out my Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch and found a pattern using two different colors. Now that I started, I don't want to stop. I need to control this desire because I need to complete a quilt for a friend. Also, I don't want to sit to much. I need to get up and move around and do a little exercise.
I'm still reading Sarah Palin's book. I have found her writing simple and at times more like mind than that of other authors. That's not a good thing or a bad thing, I guess I expected a more sophisticated or elegant writer. She tells her story from her prospective and not those of the media or political personage. I would like to see how she does on her report tonight for Fox TV.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Another Post

Yesterday I added a couple of pictures from Christmas. Julia is searching for more toys under her new quilt. Today I'm hoping to talk her into letting take that quilt to my guild meeting for show and tell. What do you think she'll do?
The pug belongs to my daughter, Ruth. Duddley is her baby, my grand dog. His brother is too big to knit for. He is a German short hair named Chomper. When they come for a visit I have to put away the children's toys and everything must be off the cabinets. The big brother sniffs out the food and is so polite to share with his smaller brother. Anyway, I used sensations yarn by Lion Brand for Duddley's coat, but am having trouble finding the pattern. It was free from Joann's. Can't imagine why it isn't on their website.
I spent yesterday sitting trying not to move for most of the day. About 4PM, I started feeling as though I could move without much trouble. I had a headache again. I thought those went away after discovering I can't eat MSG, period. I must of got some into my system somewhere. So around feeling better time, I began sewing the seams of my sweater. I finished it by 10:30PM. I am going to take a picture of me wearing it tomorrow and when I wear it to knit night.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wow It's A New Year

I have been reading other blogs, Coolpinkone and Knitnurd. They keep up much better than I do. I was busy over the holidays quilting. I made four quilts, one was unexpected. My granddaughter, Julia needed a twin size or larger quilt and I didn't plan on that. I made it though. I think the stress of the holidays cost me physically. I managed to get the shingles. It wasn't a bad case, but bad enough to give me chest and back pain. The rash appeared under my arm. The first doctor I saw for the rash thought it might be a spider bite, but the antibiotics she gave me worked and the second Dr. concluded it was a fact. I still have the chest and back pain, but it is manageable.
As for the rest of the family, the grand kids are growing like weeds. Both Jazlyn and William are walking and talking, William is talking more than Jaz at this time. Andrew is such a help to his mom and dad. He waits patiently while his brother shares his toys. I don't think I could wait as long as he does. Julia is going to a preschool class once a week.
Joanna and Eric told us that they were expecting again. I am hoping this pregnancy goes better for all of us. I am not happy with the way she uses this as an excuse for poor behavior.