Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Time Spent

Look, it's September and I must of been busy this August or I would have posted. I have. I've knitted 2 shawllets which I haven't taken time to block. The first one was completed in July and the next, in August. I also made a little blanket for my new grandson, Jace while awaiting his birth. It didn't take too long. I did not batt the blanket. Pat Pleis gave me some stencils to draw stars on the blanket for quilting. It made it look precious. The name of the blanket was a Star Is Born. I started a sweater for Brian using his yarn he brought back from New Zealand in the late 1980's. He was on his mission trip with YWAM. I am currently making Christmas gifts. Again, I must give credit to Pat Pleis. She gave me some fabric and now I'm able to make those for little or not cost. Thanks Pat. I've made a shrug to wear on my cruise. Oh yes, Hal and I are going on a cruise this year. We plan on going through the Panama Canal. We will be gone for 18 days! We are so looking forward to this. Of course I want to work to get some spending money for this trip, now I need the district to cooperate with me. I've worked a day and a half, looking forward to more days.
Then there was the birth of my third grandson, Jace. What a delight! He is so small. I was holding him yesterday and watching his sister, Jaz. She is only 2 yrs. old and looks so big compared to this little one, yet she is still a baby too.
Hal and I sat for Eric and Joanna while they were in the hospital. It was a stressful time for the girls as well as us. Jace had to return to the hospital before the week was out because of jaundice. They both went to the hospital to care for him, and left the girls with us. More stress. Talking about it on a public sight would not be a good idea for anyone. Let's just say, we all learned stress is something we all don't take well.
On Friday night I went shopping with Joanna at Nordstrom. We stopped at the shoe sale racks and of course we didn't resist. Joanna tried on the cutest tennis shoes. They were pink with sparkles (like Dorothy's shoes in the Wizard of Oz only pink). Then she found a pair that were trimmed in pink and had spots on them like cow spots. I liked them so much I tried on a pair. I asked her if she would mind if I purchased a pair and she said, "No, it meant that she had good taste." I tell this story because when I use to go shopping with my mom, we would always end up buying the same clothes. I never took it so well.
Saturday I spent the day with Hal shopping. I meant SPENT. He went to Men's Warehouse and purchase a sports coat and pants for our trip. Let's just say he works hard for his money and doesn't ever buy himself nice clothes. These items made him feel like we are going on this trip.
Andrew started school 2 weeks ago. He was absent the second day because he got food poisoning. Go figure. His dad, Brian thinks it was the cookies, because both he and Andrew ate them and got sick, Brian more than Andrew. The boys spent a night here. It was so nice. They actually spent the whole night in bed. Before they went to bed I bribed them with an ice cream the next day. Well, as soon as William got out of bed, he asked about that ice cream. Finally at 11:30 we took them to B&R for a cone. They ate lunch too, but later. Mom and Dad went to the city to see a play and spend a little quiet time together.

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