Thursday, July 22, 2010

Busy Bee

July 22, 2010 The quilts pictured here are evidence that I have been a busy bee. After July 4 and the granddaughter's visit, I completed the several baby gifts I wanted to give to a friend of mind's new granddaughter and my new grandson. Both have not been born yet, but will be born soon. I posted the pictures on and my knitting project on I also made another quilt. The second quilt pictured was made for my grandson.

The first one on the left was made for my friend's granddaughter. I made a tackle quilt using several different fabrics and Minkie on the back. It was my first success with Minkie. I based sprayed the backing to the batting and the batting to the back of the top. Then I penned it out and quilted from one corner to the next. After that I stitched in the ditch.
My sister Dorothy and her husband John came for a visit. They are here to visit their California children and grandchildren They live in Georgia. They were able to stay a whole day, so I suggested that we go to the winiers here in ElDorado County. We ended up off HWY 49 near Plymouth. The wines were delicious as was the company. It's nice to have family nearby that one can see their roots.

Yesterday, began my first experience in choosing speakers for my quilt guild. I signed someone. I must call and tell her that unless she can get someone to help pay the cost of travel. She will be coming from San Diego. I do hope we can get her to come.

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