Friday, July 2, 2010

Soap Box

This is a picture of my step-granddaughter, Jenna. She was able to stay with us for three days this week. She is nine years old. She is now to live with her father, my son-in-law because of several reasons, but the main one is that her mother moved out of-state and left her daughter here. She was hoping that the judge would give her the legal guardianship, but it didn't happen. Today I was informed a nephew of mine also was given guardianship of his daughter because the daughter's mother was moving out-of-state. I know in both cases there are other circumstances involved, but I say hurray for the child. There must be stability in these young peoples lives and if it has to be the father rather than the mother so-be-it.
Jenna used my rotary cutter and sewing machine to make this pillow. It was her choice. I was so happy she wanted to sew. I think she may sew again. She may make my daughter bring out the machine I gave her.
Have a Happy 4Th of July.

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