Sunday, November 14, 2010


Soon my husband and I will be leaving on a cruise he chose for us in April. He searched this cruise out over many months on the computer. It started last year when a friend mentioned that they wanted to go to the Panama Channel Cruise. While a cruise was in the air, Panama was not my first choice. The friends are dear friends. The very first cruise we took was with friends to Alaska. It was my coincidences that we found each other wanting to take a cruise to Alaska and we both had wanted to take a ferry and export on our own. It turned out the cruise was cheaper and talk with Betty, she said she was going to call a get tickets. It was a good time. They went up by train and we drove up. We met on the boat and took a couple of adventures together. We ate together and watched the shows together. After the cruise we sat off by ourselves in the car and they returned home via the train.
This cruise/vacation is not at all like that one. We actually plan to fly together to Florida, 6 of us. Yes, another couple, my friends, Lynn and Jim's, friends, Al and Susie. We will stay at the same hotel, rent a car for Friday and then set sail together on Saturday. On the course of the trip, we will be together many times, including sight seeing tours. I am anxious about the closeness of the group. Will we get along? Will we wear on each other? Will I miss not sharing quiet moments with Hal and discovering new things together? I suppose when one ventures out they take with them a certain sense of doom, but there is the excitement of conquering those fears and making new conquests. I am looking forward to what lies ahead. Hope when I return, I will be able to share all the great new wonderful experiences my friends and I shared along with a few tender moments with Hal.