Saturday, January 23, 2010

I completed those mystery socks I mentioned in my last post. I was able to do so because I am still not feeling my best. During the non rain period yesterday, I tried to do some window shopping, but soon became tired. I decided to it wasn't worth it, went home, had lunch and then took an hour and a half nap. After the nap I was able to complete the socks, finishing up a little after 9 PM. I am pleased with them. The colorwork area (leg) is a little snug, but the foot feels prefect. I am delighted with the outcome.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Knitting: Presently I am salvaging a pair of socks started last November by attempting the mystery sock through the Thrifty Knitters Sock Club. The socks started out cute with a twisted top. Then it added a striped edge. The next step was to add a snowflake, but I didn't think I could do that so I put them aside until I completed my Christmas knitting. I got my Charlene Schurch sock book out, Sensational Knitted Socks, and Socks a la Carte, by Jonelle Raffino, Katherine Cade and the SWTC Staff and decided to complete the sock. I hope to complete these socks soon.
Friendships: Friends are a special breed. It means one takes the time to stay connected with that person and care about them. Friends can be made many years ago, or within the year. I am fortunate to have a friend from childhood. She and I have lived many miles apart for years, but are able to maintain our friendship. We go away together on vacations. While our children were younger, we would go camping, now we go quilt shop hopping. Then I have friends i made over thirty years ago. With these friends, visiting, having a meal together or shopping is the main way we stay in touch and care for one another. My newest friends are a group of quilters and knitters. The quilters live near me, but I see these friends only a short time a month. (I would call these more of an acquaintance rather than a friend.) The knitters are seen every week. We talk and share stories and knit together. We are developing those rich friendships. If a friend asked me for help, I'm there. I try to help out when I can.
Illness: Sneezing and coughing, rubbing eyes, blowing ones nose, tiredness, lack of energy, and /or headaches. It seems as I get older, I am finding myself ill more often. I wash my hands, make sure I don't eat food a child made and I try to stay away from people that are ill.
I wrote about these three items because currently these are things on my mind. I am not feeling well, I have friends who are under stress right now and I am concerned out them. Lastly, my knitting is getting done because I am not feeling well. All things are working out. I know my friends are in good hands. My cold seems to be getting better and I am so close to completing one sock.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


With the Hatian earthquake, I started remembering all the shakers I've been in. In 1957 there was a rather large quake in S.F. I was in the 4th grade and in school at the time. The teacher was a substitute and the cold must have been on her mind, because the first thing out of her mouth was atomic bomb. We all began to leave the room, but then she said that it was an earthquake and under the desks we went. Lights swaying and tables shaking. There were many aftershocks, most seemed to happen at night. My dad was involved with scouting and he went off assuring us that there would be few if any aftershocks. After he left, there was a strong one and we got to sleep altogether in the living room that night. There were more aftershocks, one while we were sleeping in bed downstairs. The window above our heads rattled and with the 3 of us in one bed, we took our pillows and put them over our heads. Who at that age would think one might suffocate? There have been many more earthquakes in my life and I suppose there would be more. Life continues.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Time on Hands

The third time this week. I must have too much time on my hands. I decided to complete a pair of socks I started for a challenge. We were to use two different colors and follow the directions given by the moderator. When I found out the pattern, I decided I did not want just a seasonal sock, so I wait until now. I took out my Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch and found a pattern using two different colors. Now that I started, I don't want to stop. I need to control this desire because I need to complete a quilt for a friend. Also, I don't want to sit to much. I need to get up and move around and do a little exercise.
I'm still reading Sarah Palin's book. I have found her writing simple and at times more like mind than that of other authors. That's not a good thing or a bad thing, I guess I expected a more sophisticated or elegant writer. She tells her story from her prospective and not those of the media or political personage. I would like to see how she does on her report tonight for Fox TV.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Another Post

Yesterday I added a couple of pictures from Christmas. Julia is searching for more toys under her new quilt. Today I'm hoping to talk her into letting take that quilt to my guild meeting for show and tell. What do you think she'll do?
The pug belongs to my daughter, Ruth. Duddley is her baby, my grand dog. His brother is too big to knit for. He is a German short hair named Chomper. When they come for a visit I have to put away the children's toys and everything must be off the cabinets. The big brother sniffs out the food and is so polite to share with his smaller brother. Anyway, I used sensations yarn by Lion Brand for Duddley's coat, but am having trouble finding the pattern. It was free from Joann's. Can't imagine why it isn't on their website.
I spent yesterday sitting trying not to move for most of the day. About 4PM, I started feeling as though I could move without much trouble. I had a headache again. I thought those went away after discovering I can't eat MSG, period. I must of got some into my system somewhere. So around feeling better time, I began sewing the seams of my sweater. I finished it by 10:30PM. I am going to take a picture of me wearing it tomorrow and when I wear it to knit night.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wow It's A New Year

I have been reading other blogs, Coolpinkone and Knitnurd. They keep up much better than I do. I was busy over the holidays quilting. I made four quilts, one was unexpected. My granddaughter, Julia needed a twin size or larger quilt and I didn't plan on that. I made it though. I think the stress of the holidays cost me physically. I managed to get the shingles. It wasn't a bad case, but bad enough to give me chest and back pain. The rash appeared under my arm. The first doctor I saw for the rash thought it might be a spider bite, but the antibiotics she gave me worked and the second Dr. concluded it was a fact. I still have the chest and back pain, but it is manageable.
As for the rest of the family, the grand kids are growing like weeds. Both Jazlyn and William are walking and talking, William is talking more than Jaz at this time. Andrew is such a help to his mom and dad. He waits patiently while his brother shares his toys. I don't think I could wait as long as he does. Julia is going to a preschool class once a week.
Joanna and Eric told us that they were expecting again. I am hoping this pregnancy goes better for all of us. I am not happy with the way she uses this as an excuse for poor behavior.