Monday, January 11, 2010

Another Post

Yesterday I added a couple of pictures from Christmas. Julia is searching for more toys under her new quilt. Today I'm hoping to talk her into letting take that quilt to my guild meeting for show and tell. What do you think she'll do?
The pug belongs to my daughter, Ruth. Duddley is her baby, my grand dog. His brother is too big to knit for. He is a German short hair named Chomper. When they come for a visit I have to put away the children's toys and everything must be off the cabinets. The big brother sniffs out the food and is so polite to share with his smaller brother. Anyway, I used sensations yarn by Lion Brand for Duddley's coat, but am having trouble finding the pattern. It was free from Joann's. Can't imagine why it isn't on their website.
I spent yesterday sitting trying not to move for most of the day. About 4PM, I started feeling as though I could move without much trouble. I had a headache again. I thought those went away after discovering I can't eat MSG, period. I must of got some into my system somewhere. So around feeling better time, I began sewing the seams of my sweater. I finished it by 10:30PM. I am going to take a picture of me wearing it tomorrow and when I wear it to knit night.

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