Monday, February 16, 2009


Finally it's raning, but you can keep the wind. Hate the wind. I managed somehow to upload pictures to my flicker account. They are the most current of what I have been working on. The most current is the shrug and vest. Thanks to friends, I am working on an entralac scarf. I decided that I would like to make on after seeing the one I wanted to make on Knitting Daily. I downloaded the instructions and went to the LYS found the yarn and asked for help from a knitting pal, Dede. What a saint to put up with me. She came prepared with another pattern in hand, not knowing that I had a pattern in hand. We tried my pattern and quickly discovered it was great to have the picture and would use her pattern for the process. She even came out on Sunday to help me out. I can't wait to post the pictures of it.
Today we are celebrating our youngest son's birthday. He was born on the 15th of Feb., but let's just say that it is easier to celebrate his birthday around the date rather than on the actual date.
Tomorrow is Jolie's Rememberance Day. She would be 2 yrs. if she lived. I made her a quilt and knitted a blanket. Joanna is going to donate them to a hospital for premiees in Jolie's name. I also made the cupcakes and Joanna and Eric are having a little dinner to remember her tomorrow night.