Friday, June 18, 2010

Here We Go Again

Last month when by without a hitch. Hal and I celebrated our 43rd anniversary. All we did was go out to dinner. Mother's Day was spent quietly. At least this year I didn't fall and hurt myself. My grandson's came over for an overnight stay that Friday. William went to sleep in the big bed and Andrew stayed with him all night. When William awoke, he wanted his Mom. It was 5:30AM. I did get up along with both boys and we watched TV. All in all, we had a good time and I can see that they are maturing.
The following weekend Ruth, Jonathan, their boys (Chopper and Duddley), and Jenna came for a visit. Brian brought over the boys and William became attached to Duddley. He wanted to take it home. The granddaughters were also here and Jazlyn was able to "put up" with the dogs.
School ended for Hal on the 3rd. We were off on the 4th to visit my sister Kathy in Washington. The trip was uneventful. It rained on the way up and while we were there, but otherwise it the weather was decent.
Duane is always trying to take me to craft places while we are there, but Kathy and I went off by ourselves on Monday. I wanted to find a couple of knitting stores in Spokane. We were successful, but one was closed the other was more like a warehouse. I did purchase some yarn for them and plan on making some fingerless gloves for Kathy. On Tuesday, Duane drove into Deer Park and thought he was letting us off at a fabric store, but it turned out to be a yarn store. What a special delight. It is called "IN stitches...a needlecraft shop." It has quality yarn and places to sit and knit, crochet, or other needlework. The owner was very helpful. If you are ever near North Spokane, drive out just a little way, about 20 miles, stop in Deer Park. The email address is
While I was at Kathy's I managed to complete a baby dress and a companion bag. Both were fun to make and I enjoyed completing them at home.
Joanna called me at Kathy's notifying me of a tragedy, yet relief. Eva, her sister, had lied to me and all others, including her family and children, that she did not have cancer. It has been difficult to come to terms with the lie. I am thankful that she is not going to die, but this lady is ill. She has a difficult time telling the truth. It wouldn't be so bad if it just affected her and a few others. This is
affecting Joanna, which affects her husband, my son, and her children because Joanna doesn't digest this kind of stuff well. It becomes personal. She internalizes it and this affects her attitude. It is very dramatic.