Saturday, September 27, 2008

Others Things Than KNITTING?

I haven't finished any knitting lately. I have started my daughter-in-law's shell and still need to complete the shrug. I am currently working on a pair of men socks. I hope to complete them before the end of this week so that I can finish the shrug. What have I been doing otherwise? I have been completing a daily Bible study and moving furniture and items from sewing room, computer room and babysitting. I have completed the sewing room and now all that is left is the computer room to paint and put up the crown molding. Hal does all that, I just am his beautiful assistant helping measure, hold the crown molding so that he can use the nail gun, and lift furniture. It has been a real challenge for him, but wow, what a nice job he is doing.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Missing Friends

It's been awhile since I last blogged. In that time I have not finished much. I have been busy with work, home, grandchildren, and hobbies. I don't know if I put them in the order of time consumption. I meet once a month in Auburn with the Foothill Quilter's. I get excited to be there. Expectally when I have a complete quilt to show. Then, I started Bible study again. I stopped after my mom left. I tried after she died, but found it difficult. This year I'm back and of course with a bang to begin with. My hopes are that it continues to be with a bang rather then a drudge. Then there is my biggest committment, Meetup, on Wednesday evenings. I have made some fantastic friends here. I missed going last week because of busyness. I plan to make it there this week.
Today I get to play grandma again. Yesterday, I sat with my 31/2 yr. old, grandson, and we put a puzzle together. He is very good at puzzles. It had 62 pieces and it was a dinosaur puzzle, 14x18''. Not bad for a grandma and her grandson. Today, rather in a few minutes I will take care of his brother, 6 mon. He is rolling and as cute as can be. Later, I get to sit for the two sitters. Their mother has an errand to run and then she will cut and pamper my hair color, so I continue to look somewhat younger.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Being Grandma

Six years ago, my husband, mother and I moved to our new home. My husband and I had one married child who seemed intent to remain childless. My oldest son just couldn't seem to make up his mind about seriously dating and my daughter was still in college. All was as normal as it could be. Then upon telling everyone that we decided to move and live with my mother, my oldest found the love of his life, and my daughter was still attending college. Well, that seemed okay. Two years into living semi-retired, both son and daughter tell us that they are getting married. My daughter, to a young man that had a 2 yr. old. Hurray for me, I am finally a grandparent. My first grandchild was to be a girl. Then the son who was married and content being childless informs us we are to be grandparents again. Oh boy! this time a grandson. Our oldest informed us of our third grandchild, a girl. Yes! number 3. Then another was soon born later to them, but unfortunately she did not live. Sorrow...number 4. This year numbers 5 a boy, and 6, a girl were born. Now I have my grandchildren. It is no longer normal. We get calls to sit, to visit, to help out. It is wonderful, happy times, and exhausting too. We love almost every minute.
This passed week was spent with grand kids. First our daughter, called to help enroll her stepdaughter into school. They needed to work and she would be alone. Sure, I put my super grandparent cape into the bag and went for a visit. I got to sleep on the couch, have 2 dogs jump on me and a little girl, now 7 yrs. jump into my arms when she was frighten of the oceans waves as they first approached her. Then she pulled me into the waves the second time. We both laughed and giggled the whole time.
On returning home, I was able to visit my grand daughters here in this area. The newest is getting to look like a baby. Her legs and arms have filled out and she is holding her head upright, looking around to see new things.
Later in the week, my husband and I were able to be with our grandsons as they went to the zoo and a science museum. Sharing special animals, seeing and touching new things. No one can take these memories from us. It is such a blessing to have our grand kids in our lives.