Monday, September 15, 2008

Missing Friends

It's been awhile since I last blogged. In that time I have not finished much. I have been busy with work, home, grandchildren, and hobbies. I don't know if I put them in the order of time consumption. I meet once a month in Auburn with the Foothill Quilter's. I get excited to be there. Expectally when I have a complete quilt to show. Then, I started Bible study again. I stopped after my mom left. I tried after she died, but found it difficult. This year I'm back and of course with a bang to begin with. My hopes are that it continues to be with a bang rather then a drudge. Then there is my biggest committment, Meetup, on Wednesday evenings. I have made some fantastic friends here. I missed going last week because of busyness. I plan to make it there this week.
Today I get to play grandma again. Yesterday, I sat with my 31/2 yr. old, grandson, and we put a puzzle together. He is very good at puzzles. It had 62 pieces and it was a dinosaur puzzle, 14x18''. Not bad for a grandma and her grandson. Today, rather in a few minutes I will take care of his brother, 6 mon. He is rolling and as cute as can be. Later, I get to sit for the two sitters. Their mother has an errand to run and then she will cut and pamper my hair color, so I continue to look somewhat younger.

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Knitting Nurd said...

Joanna did a great job on your hair Linda! Thank you for the apples last night!!!