Wednesday, January 13, 2010


With the Hatian earthquake, I started remembering all the shakers I've been in. In 1957 there was a rather large quake in S.F. I was in the 4th grade and in school at the time. The teacher was a substitute and the cold must have been on her mind, because the first thing out of her mouth was atomic bomb. We all began to leave the room, but then she said that it was an earthquake and under the desks we went. Lights swaying and tables shaking. There were many aftershocks, most seemed to happen at night. My dad was involved with scouting and he went off assuring us that there would be few if any aftershocks. After he left, there was a strong one and we got to sleep altogether in the living room that night. There were more aftershocks, one while we were sleeping in bed downstairs. The window above our heads rattled and with the 3 of us in one bed, we took our pillows and put them over our heads. Who at that age would think one might suffocate? There have been many more earthquakes in my life and I suppose there would be more. Life continues.

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