Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wow It's A New Year

I have been reading other blogs, Coolpinkone and Knitnurd. They keep up much better than I do. I was busy over the holidays quilting. I made four quilts, one was unexpected. My granddaughter, Julia needed a twin size or larger quilt and I didn't plan on that. I made it though. I think the stress of the holidays cost me physically. I managed to get the shingles. It wasn't a bad case, but bad enough to give me chest and back pain. The rash appeared under my arm. The first doctor I saw for the rash thought it might be a spider bite, but the antibiotics she gave me worked and the second Dr. concluded it was a fact. I still have the chest and back pain, but it is manageable.
As for the rest of the family, the grand kids are growing like weeds. Both Jazlyn and William are walking and talking, William is talking more than Jaz at this time. Andrew is such a help to his mom and dad. He waits patiently while his brother shares his toys. I don't think I could wait as long as he does. Julia is going to a preschool class once a week.
Joanna and Eric told us that they were expecting again. I am hoping this pregnancy goes better for all of us. I am not happy with the way she uses this as an excuse for poor behavior.


KnitNurd said...

Hey, welcome back to blogland, Linda! I know what you mean about the holidays costing you physically, so take care of yourself. I can't believe Jaz and William are walking..that just went by so fast!!!
Congrats on the grandbaby that is due!

picking2gogranny said...

Yes, and both were heard saying things like this: "I want to play," and "but I want some too."