Monday, October 12, 2009

The Joys of Being A Grandparent

This weekend I had the joy of having four of my five grandchildren visit me. While here the two oldest ran around playing so nicely and then: the oldest boy, Andrew, came running to me to tell me his cousin, Julia, had spilled too much soap on the counter top. His father reminded him that its not nice to tattle on others. (I remember doing something like that.)
It was today that made me happy to be a grandparent and not the parents. My granddaughter, Julia hid my wallet. I left there house without knowing this. I got all the way home to discover no wallet. Driving back to their home, I prayed the whole way it was there. Her mom, Joanna, had looked everywhere for the wallet but couldn't find it. When I got there, she hadn't found it. I looked. Then asked if she had asked Julia. "No" Well, I went back to her room where the girls were playing and asked. She didn't say anything. I took the baby to change her and in walks Julia with my wallet. She was so cute. She looked up at me and said, see I tricked you. I hid your wallet. Her mom scolded her, all I could do was give her a big hug. I said thank you to God for it being there and could only reward her with kindness for having found the wallet.
I have the fortune to enjoy the children, but the discpline is left to the parent.

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