Friday, May 21, 2010

Saying Yes

What has been happening around here. I was able to work two half days last week. It was a big deal since I have been unable to get an assignment without conflicts. I took a dyeing class from Marylee Drake. She invited me to participate and I said, "Yes." We dyed scarves. I want to do more, but will wait until I return from vacation in June. I gave away a green and purple scarf to Amy for her birthday. Oh Hal and I spent last weekend with Lynn and Jim. They celebrated both Jim and Amy's birthdays. I enjoyed myself as did Hal. Jim mentioned that Lynn had promised to make him a quilt out of his tees, so I said I take them home and do it for him, but before I knew it, Lynn wanted to do it. So, I helped her cut and iron on the stabilizer. Well, he had enough tee shirts for 3 quilts. I hope she enjoys doing them.
I also went to the Breast Center for my annual mammogram. They found some new growths and I had ultrasounds taken. They said that they were not to worry about so I felt they would be alright. Last night I felt pain again, I don't know if it is the growths or the shingles. I'll wait until after vacation to go see the doctor, may be she'll send me to the surgeon and have them aspirated.
Then there are these other things I said yes to. I agreed to help Marylee for two Thursdays while she is away on vacation at the senior citizen quilt get together in Loomis. I am looking forward to that. The other. "Yes," was to an invite be the Placer County Education for a meeting to see how the year went. That will be this coming Tuesday for lunch somewhere up in Auburn. Don't know what I got myself into with that yes. Oh well, it will give me something to do.

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