Friday, April 9, 2010

Just A Visit

Here it is April already and there is so much to write about. My grandson's birthday is the 14th and he will be celebrating it Sunday. I completed his PJ's for the monkey and am still working on the bathrobe. I haven't been on a deadline like this since college. (Thinking more about that statement, I had deadlines for work too, but this seems far more important.) I will post the completed Mr. William Foster with outfits when finished.
Just before Christmas I started 2 sweaters, one a grayish blue, the other a red. I fell in love with the red and decided that it was the one I wanted to complete first.
I was able to complete this just before March 25. I wanted to get some wear out of it before summer comes in with a bang. I like the fit so much that I will more than likely frog that other sweater and use the yarn to make another one of these or use a new lighter yarn so that I can wear it during the spring and fall months too.
Lately I have been reading books by Lisa See: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan and Shanghai Girls. Both books deal with sisterhood. One with two girls that are from the same family the other with two girls from two different families. This two stories have a brought about me to think upon my own relationships, first to my natal family sisters and then to the friendship sisters I have. I have been blessed with both. Family ties mean a lot to me. I try to keep in touch with my sisters via phone, email, snail mail, and visiting. It is difficult to visit them since both live out-of-state. Since visiting with them is difficult, I rely on my friendship sisters. I have some great friends, ones I can meet up with weekly through a knit group, ones I can meet up with occasionally because they live a few hours away.
Did you ever find yourself in a situation that you know you may regret? Usually I don't because I don't think before I act, I just do it and take the conscience. My daughter-in-law's sister is dying of cancer in another state. Because my daughter-in-law is pregnant with her 4th child, I do not want her traveling by herself. I am going with her to visit this sister. I don't know what to expect, accept that I am there for her. Hopefully the visit will go well and we will return on speaking terms. Keep us in your prayers.

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