Sunday, December 11, 2011

Short Visit

It was to be a 2 day visit and return home until the baby came. That was Nov 15th. Today is Dec 11 and I still am here. No the baby did not come early, but when the time to leave approached, I just couldn't. I called Harold, asked him to drive down and bring me somethings to wear. He stayed for a whole week and we were included Thanksgiving at Jon's sister. Still no baby. I went with Ruth for 2 visits to her doctors and each time she assured Ruth it would be "soon". That "soon" word became a four letter word.
Ruth was due Thanksgiving Day, she delivered Dec 3, 2011. This was her first child at 31 years old. At 32 years of age, I had Ruth and 2 before her. I guess that was why I stayed. I was worried about her. I didn't need to worry. She went into labor about 5:30 AM and delivered her by 1:23PM. Brooke Zada Buel, a beautiful daughter as born. She is now one week old and I plan on leaving next Saturday. I told her that I'd give her e weeks after the baby came. I will leave on the 14th day. No, I am not looking forward to not seeing Brooke daily, but I don't see my other grandchildren daily. I am looking forward to my own bed and comforts of home.

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