Sunday, January 25, 2009


January started out quiet. My husband had a cold so we were home bound. I stayed up and knitted. On the 16th, I was off to a quilting retreat with Linda Ballard. I met my friends on the grounds of Bishop Ranch just outside of Healdsburg. It was next to a dairy farm. The views were beautiful, but there were times the smells were not so great. The weather couldn't have been better since we had to move our belongs by wheelbarrow. No, it wasn't that rugged, just that we couldn't park our cars near the buildings. Linda had us making a quilt top that required so many pieces that I became frustrated and make a preemie quilt from the pieces I had completed. Now that I am home, I am able to work uninterrupted and the other pieces will make a nice quilt.
I finished my latest knitting project finally. I started it a month ago and it was a two week project. I will be blocking it and wear it to Stitches West. Pictures will be up soon. Currently, I am knitting a preemie blanket in Jolis memory. I have until her birthday the 17th of February. I wan to give Joanna both the quilt and blanket in Jolie's memory.

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Knitting Nurd said...

Love seeing your quilts Linda!!!