Monday, May 4, 2009


Wow, It's already May. I can't believe it. I started working a long-term position and will work it until June 3rd. I'm working for a 3rd grade teacher whose doctor put her on medical leave until she has her baby. I did this for her when she had her son 2yrs. ago. He was born earlier than expected and was born on my birthday! Working has put a cramp on my creative time. I want to do so much, but have little energy left after the end of the day.
This weekend I spent with my grandchildren. On Saturday Hal and I went to see the boys. Andrew was singing for his school (it was nice to watch him with the other children and he sang well too)and they served a spaghetti dinner. It was a long day. The school held an action after the dinner and I won a gift certificate. I gave it to Brian since it was for Shushi. When we got back to Brian's I watch William take a few steps. It won't be long before he is steady on those feet and running. Heather and Brian will have their hands full then.
Sunday was spent with the girls. Eric and Jonna had some friends over to help them remove a dead tree from their yard. I took the girls to McDonalds. It was a nice walk and it didn't rain. Julia behaved, no clothing removed. Jazlyn fell asleep and my chest after both her dad and myself tried to put her to sleep. She actually rocked herself to sleep in my arms struggling.

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