Sunday, July 26, 2009


Here it is the last of July. Three weeks ago I started traveling. I've been to Washington, Georgia, and Oregon with flight stops in Utah, Arizonia, and N. Carolina. In Washington, Hal and I visited my sister, Kathy and her husband Duane. We were there 8 wonderful days. It's fun just to sit in their dining room and watch the birds eating the seed Duane puts out for them and watching for the other wild animal that pass the house. There may be an occasional deer family, or the annoying turkeys that come up on the porch and eat the seed droppings and poop all over the porch. They are beautiful birds, but messy and the scare away the other birds. Duane and Kathy have a ministry helping out with the food pantry. Every Monday morning Duane drives into Spokane to pick up food and take it back to their food pantry. He also orders the food, collects food from the local stores and sets up tables to lay out the food on for people to see what they have. Hal goes with him on Mondays to help him. Kathy and I get to sit and visit. It is rather nice. The other days we are there, Duane tries to show us some other the area in north-east Washington. This time he drove around Lake Roosevelt. On the way Kathy and I saw a moose on the side of the road. He also took us north to a little quilt shop in Evan , Washington. From there we headed north to look for a lake he wanted to fish at. We were 30 miles from Canada. We ate at this little restaurant. The food was the best, especially the bread. It tasted homemade. As we were sitting in the diner, it hailed. When we were finished the hail had stopped and there was no signs of it anywhere. We continued the quest for this lake. We began our climb up into the mountains and low and behold there was what I thought snow, but Duane and Kathy quickly spoke up and said no, "That's the hail we had down at the diner." We finally found the lake and continued on our way home. The domestic animals, horses, cattle, sheep were seen as well as a lonely deer.
Our flight to Georgia left early on Wed. Both Duane and Kathy drove us to the airport a little over an hour from their house. This was our first experience with a hub port. Hal and I had to run to get to next plane clear on the other side of the airport. We landed in Charlotte, N. Carolina, another Hub run to the plane to get our last plane to Augusta, Georgia. My sister Dottie and her husband John met us. It was our first time in Georgia and we didn't know what to expect. Dottie and I were to visit my brother in Tenn., but I didn't want the drive. I also didn't realize that my sister was going to take off from work. It was great to be with her. This was the longest visit I had with her alone for along time. I've always had to share her with her family, or John's family. She took us to see the Savannah River in Augusta. I saw some turtles close to riverbank. Dottie showed me the sign that said to stay away from the alligators. They also took us to Savannah. The trees are as beautiful as the pictures. I saw Paula Deans restaurant, but didn't eat there. We went to church at the catholic cathedral. It was large, but also reminded be of a couple of churches I had been to with my friend Mary, St. Paul's, in S.F. and a little catholic church in Petaluma. The priest was delightful. He message reminded me of what I heard the week before at Kathy's church. On our way home for Savannah, we stopped at a Cracker Barrel. Great experience and food. The fried chicken we delicious as was the sides that I was unable to finish. Our visit was too short. We left there at a decect time on the following Wed. I do want to go back to Georgia.
My family is up so I will continue the rest another day.

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