Friday, August 28, 2009

Granddaughters Play

I spent some time yesterday with my granddaughters, Julia and Jazlyn. Their mom called me and asked if I'd like to join them a Wacky Tacky and I of course said "yes." It's an indoor play gym, like McDonald's or Burger King has except it is on a much larger scale (warehouse size). When they stepped in, Julia was ready to go. She is only 3 yrs, but has the ability of a 6 yr. old when it comes to climbing and gymnastics. Her sister on the other hand is only 14 months and is not walking yet. She crawls. I could see she just didn't know what to do at first. Her mom took her up and sat with her awhile, then I sat with her. It took a little while but she started trying out the wheels and stairs. When she got down on the floor, instead of crawling on her knees, up she went to her feet and hands. Julia went up and down the slide over and over again. Jaz joined in with Mom. It was fun to see them play together.

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Toni said...

Nothing better than playing with the grand kids. See you at knit night.